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Terror Regime

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Welfare and affluence
Fortune and opulence
An economic steady decline
Super rich remain confined

We've known it all along
Our debts they do prolong
Cannot discern wants from needs
Masticate the hand that feeds

Populace, severely depressed
Nations problems remained unaddressed
Controlled through dominance
Ruthless omnipotence

Held in highest regard
Impoverished we discard
Upscale slaves, capital gains
A society forged from pain

Populace, severely repressed
Somehow better than all of the rest
Controlled through dominance
Ruthless omnipotence

Country or corporation?
Manufacturing lives
Ignorant to the needs
Indigent lay supine
Grotesque affiliation
From which no one survives
No equal chance to succeed
The greater part remains deprived

Populace, severely oppressed
The jurisdiction I have learned to detest
Don't count on providence
Ruthless omnipotence

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